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ElectroniCast News Releases Regarding Forecasted Technology

Read through our press releases and learn how our company has thrived through the previous year. To learn more about our amazing company, view our about us page.

March 2018

LEDs in Test/Measurement, Medical/Science Market Forecast

February 2018

Harsh Enviroment Fiber Optic Market Forecast

January 2018

Fiber Optic Fusion Splicers Market Forecast

December 2017

• Outside Plant Fiber Optic Installation Apparatus Market Forecast
South America - Market Forecast of LED Lamps

September 2017

LED Explosion Proof Lighting Market Forecast
Fiber Optic Circulators Market Forecast (2017-2027)

August 2017

Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitters Market Forecast
• Professional Production LED Lighting: 10-Year Forecast
• Internet of Things (IoT) in Japan - Market Outlook
• Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) Market Forecast 

July 2017

10-Year Market Forecast - LED Signage/Professional Display

June 2017

10-Year Market Forecast - Inspection Scope and Cleaning for Fiber Optic Connectors

May 2017

• 10-Year Market Forecast - Electrical Power Test Equipment
• 10–Year Forecast – Fiber Optic Sensors

April 2017

• LEDs in Medical and Science Devices

February 2017

• USA – Fiber Optic Cleaver and Stripper Market Forecast
• USA – LED Flashlight Market Forecast/Analysis (2016-2026)

December 2016

• Remote Fiber Optic Testing Global Market Forecast

November 2016

• Polycarbonate in LED Lighting Applications Global Market Forecast and Analysis 2015-2022

September 2016

• Fiber Optic Communication Collimator Lens Assemblies Global Market Forecast

August 2016

• LED Lamp General Lighting Global Market Forecast
• Damp-Proof LED Linear Luminance Global Market Forecast
• Signage/Professional Display LEDs Global Market Forecast

July 2016

Power Analyzer and Power Quantity Analyzer Global Market Forecast and Analysis 2015-2020
• LED Lighting in Public Transportation Vehicles Market Forecast 2015-2022
• Electrical Power Test Equipment Market Forecast

June 2016

• Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer Global Market Forecast
• North America OUTSIDE PLANT Fiber Optic Installation Apparatus Market Forecast and Analysis 2015-2020

April 2016

LEDs Used In Night Vision Imaging System Compatible Lighting Global Market Forecast & Analysis 2015-2022
Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitters Global Market Forecast & Analysis 2015-2020

March 2016

Fiber Optic Circulators Global Market Forecast & Analysis 2015-2020
LEDs Used in Test & Measurement & Medical Science Devices Global Market Forecast & Analysis 2015-2022
Fiber Optic Sensors Global Market Forecast & Analysis 2015-2020

February 2016

Handheld OTDRs & Multiple Test Units with OTDR Modules Global Market Forecast
Lithium-Ion Capacitors in Wind and Solar Power Generation Global Market Forecast
OLED Lighting Global Market Forecast
Optical Isolators Global Market Forecast

January 2016

LEDs Used in Professional Production Lighting Global Market Forecast
Flashlight Global Market Forecast

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