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Jeff D. Montgomery

BSEE, MBA; Chairman & Founder 

Mr. Montgomery has over 55 years of professional experience in the electronics industry. Through the most recent 60 years, he has worked full time in electronic industry forecasting and planning in communication optics. He is a currently a senior life member of IEEE & Member, SPIE, and OSA. His work experience prior to founding ElectroniCast includes:

• ElectroniCast - 35 Years, Founder & CEO 
• Gnostic Concepts, Inc. - 9 Years, Co-Founder & President
• Quantum Science Corp. - 2 Years
• Varian Associates - 8 Years
• Andrew California Corp. - 10 Years

Jeff D. Montgomery

Stephen Montgomery

MBA/Technology Management, President & International Business Expansion

Mr. Montgomery has specialized in photonics and fiber optic components market and technology forecasting since 1990. In addition to serving as president for International Business Expansion at ElectroniCast, Mr. Montgomery is the director of the Fiber Optics Components group and the LED Market Research group. He also is the director of several conferences.

He has given numerous presentations and has published a number of articles on optical communication markets, technology, applications, and installations. He is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Lightwave Online magazine and writes a monthly article covering the telecommunications industry for OPTCOM magazine.

Stephen Montgomery

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Theresa Hosking

BS; Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Ms. Hosking is the conference and trade show coordinator and has hosted at the FTTX Resource Center for major conferences. She is also responsible for the company's global marketing and sales efforts in:

• Advanced Photonics
• Mature Fiber Optics
• Networking Systems
• LED & Illumination
• Laser
• Microwave Communication Groups

Terry's experience in the market research communications industry includes:

• ElectroniCast Corporation - 10 Years, Vice President of Sales & Marketing
• Gnostic Concepts - Market Analyst Assistant, 2 Years

Theresa Hosking

Hans van der Tang

MBA; Director of Sales & Marketing & APAC Region

Mr. van der Tang, a Dutch national living in Japan for more than 20 years, has extensive experience in a broad variety of management and consulting roles. Fluent in Dutch, English, and German and with business-level language skills in Japanese enables him to work in almost any business or cultural environment.

His work experience prior to joining ElectroniCast Consultants Asia Pacific Region (APAC) includes:

• GfK Marketing Research/Asia Data Research Inc,
• Forefront Technologies,
• The American Management Association and Japan Advisory

Hans van der Tang

At GfK, he managed the sales and marketing operation of marketing research services to the headquarters of almost all Japanese and Korean companies in the consumer electronics industry. This includes Canon, Sony, Matsushita, Toshiba, Samsung, Sharp, Hitachi, JVC, as well as companies in other industries.

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